We offer an open business account program in order to simplify your order processing and invoicing. Everyone runs their business differently, so we have several different invoicing options to meet a variety of individual needs through this program. Please contact us to pick the option that’s right for you

  1. Consolidated Invoicing - Receive only one invoice per order, even if your order is shipped from more than one location. This is our default billing procedure and is used unless one of our other invoicing options is requested.
  2. Per Sales Order Invoicing - We provide you an option to provide your order number while placing the order. We can then send you an invoice for each order allowing you to track each order from order to payment
  3. Periodic Invoicing - We'll track and consolidate all your purchases into one invoice. You just tell us the day you want your billing cycle to start and your preference for a monthly, weekly, biweekly, or daily invoice schedule.

Our standard options available for periodic invoicing are

  • Daily Net                                       30 days
  • Weekly                                          Net 21 days
  • Semi-Monthly                                Net 15 days
  • Monthly                                         Due upon receipt
  • Custom Monthly                            Due upon receipt - Fiscal M/E Date. No invoices will print.
  • Monthly                                         No print Due upon receipt

Credit line extended is based on the specific of the applicant. We also offer standard payment terms as mentioned above which are attractive.

All remittances can either be made electronically or mail in your payment to

MBEMRO catalog
1255 Beach Court
Saline, MI, 48176

Invoice Format

We also offer additional options for the format of your invoices:

  • Detail- A detailed invoice listing complete purchase and item detail for each item shipped by packing slip.
  • Summarized- A summarized invoice listing each packing slip number along with your purchase order.
  • Subtotaling - We can sort your bill to subtotal after one of the following sort options:
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Purchaser's Name
    • Ship-To Address
    • Credit/Return Memos - If you want to include your Credit/Return memos, just let us know.
    • Paperless Invoicing - If you are interested in paperless invoicing, we offer an e-mail option. In order to take advantage of this option you must have PDF viewing capability.

 For details on how to apply or to get more information please contact us at 1-855-422-3331 or mail us at [email protected]